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Hubert Kairuki Memorial University is participating in the 13th Exhibitions on Higher Education, Science and Technology with the theme. “quality Higher Education for Industrial Revolution”. The Exhibitions are organised by Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU), where by Higher Education Institutions, Regulatory, Professional and Research Bodies within and outside Tanzania take part to give important Institutional information to stakeholders.

In enabling the public and prospective applicants for admission into to the  University for the year 2018/2019, HKMU is publicising information on the current programmes offered, supporting applicants with online application and giving consultation to applicants who have not decided yet on the programme to study. Moreover the Teaching Hospital for the University; Kairuki Hospital is providing free Afya check in the exhibitions including: HIV screening, checking Body Mass Index and Blood Pressure.

This year’s exhibitions are held at Mnazi Mmoja Grounds, in Dar es Salaam with the objective of creating awareness among the general public about Higher Education Institutions, Professional Bodies, as well as Research and Development Institutions in the country. The exhibitions also provide an opportunity for participating institutions to publicise and showcase their core functions and activities.

Hubert Kairuki Memorial University has won in the best practice of skills development and Vocational Training category in the 42nd  Dar es salaam International Trade Fair 2018. The competition was between Private and Public Higher Learning Institutions all over Tanzania who participated in the exhibitions. During the exhibitions, information was provided on the mission and vision of the University, current programmes offered, future plans of the University and also assisted in the online application of new students. Furthermore Kairuki Hospital which is a teaching hospital for the University provided free medical services to the public in the exhibitions including screening of diabetes, Body mass Index and blood pressure.

HKMU Nursing student, Grace Msemwa is Clouds FM 2018 Malkia wa Nguvu Awardee

Grace Thadei Msemwa is a young Tanzanian woman from a humble background, born on 30 September, 1993 in Mtibwa village, Mvomero district, Morogoro Region.  She did her primary education in Mtibwa Primary School from the year 2000-2006 and thereafter joined Mtibwa Secondary School from the year 2007-2010.

Grace narrates that she had to walk about 10 kilometres every day for four years to and from her Secondary School. Her journey through Secondary school education was faced with challenges such as walking through forests, tolerating harsh weather conditions, leaving before dawn for school and returning home when already dark. Despite all the hardships, she had committed herself to complete her secondary school education, knowing education was the only way to liberate herself. During her graduation in 2010, Grace was given an award of being the best student on Culture and Arts.

She recalls her call to serve her community, started while still in secondary school. Grace held different positions including Chairperson of Youth Initiative club (FEMA), Chairperson of Scouts in Mvomero District, a member of Tanzania Youth of Catholic Society (TYCS), and Chairperson of Debate Club. Additionally Grace had special interests in science subjects because of her aspirations to become an engineer or a medical doctor.

After completing secondary school, Grace was not selected to join government schools for advanced level education. Her parents could not afford to pay for a private school or college, so she had to join affordable tailoring despite tailoring not being one her dreams. When the training was completed she decided to venture entrepreneurship, where she bought and sold mobile chips. Afterwards the business expanded to transferring money through mobile phones. This business did so well that some companies gave her awards for her performance. Her motive in the business was to get enough funds for college education. A year into the business, a friend convinced her to pursue a nursing course and after giving it a thought, she finally decided to seek admission into different nursing colleges.

Grace got admission into Morogoro Public Health Nursing School (PHNS) in 2012. The School enabled her to acquire knowledge and skills in human health. The knowledge she got shifted her interests from becoming an engineer to aspiring to be a nurse.  Following completion of the course at PHNS, she was registered by Tanzania Nursing and Midwife Council (TNMC) and employed by Ministry of Health, Social Development, Gender, Elderly and Children as enrolled nurse in Mkuranga District Council. She was assigned to work at Nyota ya Bahari Health Centre in Kisiju village where she served for almost a year. Thereafter Grace was transferred to Mkuranga District Hospital where she is currently working.

In 2018, Grace was honoured as Malkia wa Nguvu by Clouds Media Group as a nurse and midwife who helped women on safe delivery. Alongside with her friend, Saidi Mtengule, they initiated a campaign; Mkunga Nyumbani Kwako, visiting pregnant women and providing maternal health education to their family members. Mkunga Nyumbani Kwako campaign enabled her to get the Malkia wa Nguvu award. Grace has also begun another programme called Amka Project for motivating young secondary school students, especially girls, to study science subjects in order to raise the number of female scientists in the country.

In October 2016 Grace joined Hubert Kairuki Memorial University, in the Nursing Programme. Being a student and an employee at the same time, she also volunteers in the two programmes, Mkunga Nyumbani Kwako and Amka Project in Mkuranga district in Pwani region, most times using her salary to cover evolving costs. She calls on stakeholders, sponsors and well-wishers to support her programs. Grace believes serving people is call from God, which does not need millions, but only a pure heart. Impacting knowledge in the community is the best way to make the world a better place.

 “Striving for new accomplishments” 

As we are embracing a new start for the year, on behalf of the entire university family, I would like to extend warm greetings and best wishes to all our students including alumni around and across the country, staff, stakeholders, friends and all who are concerned with and support the development of Hubert Kairuki Memorial University.

2017 was a remarkable year for the University. We have experienced many changes and to mention a few brought about by the society’s appreciation of the University’s core mission of educating, researching and consultancy services, these include the following:

  • Upturn of students, required the University to increase its capacity; the University was able to construct a modern lecture hall with 256 student sitting capacity and improved the capacity of the faculties through both recruiting new staff and promoting current staff, and also introduce advanced technological systems to meet the up-to-date operative requirements.
  • We conducted researches on various diseases such as malaria, non-communicable diseases, child care and many others and also had several international recognized publications by our academic staff.
  • Our students conducted scientific conference under the guidance of the University Student’s Association (HKMUSA). The conference was attended by medical and nursing students, educators, researchers, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders and it aimed at engaging young scientists in a meaningful dialogue that would spark innovative ideas in young minds, and inspire action to improve the state of the field of medicine in Tanzania.
  • We have also committed ourselves to the overall wellbeing of neighboring communities by offering free outreach health and consultancy services to the population in neighboring communities. Also proving community based health care services to schools, families, health facilities, and to special groups such as pregnant mothers, children, orphans, street children, and elderly centers in the community.
  • By the end of 2017 we were able to confer degrees and certificates to 228 doctors and nurses graduates; 108 being male and 120 female in our Fifteenth Graduation Ceremony.

Looking into the achievements we had in the past year, into the year 2018, we continue to strive for new accomplishments; According to Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU), the number of students enrolling for Doctor of Medicine, Health and Allied Sciences programs has increased more than the existing Universities and colleges of Medicine, Health and Allied Sciences can accommodate. This is a challenge for the concerned Universities including HKMU to increase capacity for enrolling more students. Therefore, expansion of Boko Campus is our main focus. The University has 7.4 hectares of land at Boko, Kinondoni, Dar es salaam; where the University has started to expand its teaching, research and supporting facilities.

The University also plans to establish and launch a Hubert Kairuki Endowment fund, which will support scholarships for students interested in pursuing studies in Medicine, Health and Allied Sciences as well as support developmental projects to be run by the University.

We are in a phase of creating a 5 year rolling strategic plan (2017/18-2022) that will describe the direction and plans of the University in the described period of time.

Research being one of the core functions of the University; we continue to encourage and support it for its importance towards generating and advancing of knowledge. Research provides evidence-based fact, necessary for correct policy making, management, control and prevention of diseases in the country. The university currently is working on partnerships with other universities and research institutes to counteract major health challenges in Tanzania such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, communicable diseases, non-communicable diseases and related micronutrient deficiency disorders.

As in the past year, we will strive for further progress in the New Year. In 2018, we strive to head in the right direction through educating liberally and broadly, qualifying men and women to advance frontiers of knowledge through research, and provide consultancy and advisory services to the public. We will continue building a model University through reforms in education to foster first-rate training to gain world-wide acceptance.

We wish all a happy new year full of health, happiness and harmony. May this be a great year with countless achievements and consistent success for all of us.


Professor Charles Stephen Mgone, MD MMed PhD FRCP.

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