Library Services

The University Library has three main sections:

The Main Library:

This section contains textbooks, reference books, periodicals, dissertations, researches and e-books . Students are required to be registered with the library for accessibility.

The Book-Bank:

This is a section in the Main Library, where specific and key textbooks for courses offered in the University are stored. This unit was established by founder, the late Prof. Hubert C.M. Kairuki, he advocated that each student at the University, should have at least one textbook for the main courses of study in a semester, in order to improve their mastery and performance .

Computer Laboratory:

The University has a well equipped Computer Laboratory, with a full-time Internet access. The students can access web-based information and literature. The Computer Laboratory has a backup of competent and experienced  staff, responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the laboratory.