Library Services

Welcome to University Library

The Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU) Library has three sections namely; the Main Library, the Book Bank and Computer Laboratory. In these entire sections serve the information needs of the University community sufficiently and adequately to support the University to achieve its goals.

The Main Library

The HKMU Main library has a strong relevant collection of textbooks, reference books and journals for courses offered in the University. Besides, the library has access to a good number of free and subscribed e-resources currently available on databases and programmes worldwide. It maintains a computerized catalogue; Open Access Public Catalogue (OPAC). Each student must be registered with the library before he/she is allowed to use its services and facilities including borrowing books for a period of two weeks, which is renewable. Once a student is registered with the library, he/she will be issued with the library user guide and regulations bulletin, which encompasses guidelines for equitable use of Library and Book-Bank.

The Book Bank

This is an allied section of Library, where specific and key core textbooks for various courses offered in the University are kept for access and use. This unit is one of one of the landmark establishments of the University’s founder; the late Prof. Hubert C. M. Kairuki who advocated that a medical and related Science student at this University, should have at least one textbook for the main courses of study in a semester, so as to improve their mastery and performance in such subjects of study. Once students borrow books from the Book-Bank, they may stay with them for the entire semester, to enable them to understand their course/ subject of study easily. At the end of each semester, students are required to return the books to the Book-Bank. Students failing to return the books are not allowed to register for following semester.

The ICT/Computer Laboratory

The University has a well equipped Computer Laboratory, with a full time internet access where students can access and use web-based information and literature such as e-resources and email services. Most important, a Computer Laboratory is a specific place where students are trained or instructed on computer literacy as well as information literacy whereby the basic information search techniques about access use and evaluation of electronic literature is offered to equip them with database-based searching skills. This unit has a backup of competent and experienced in-house staff, responsible for day-to-day maintenance support for ICT facility.