Since its first graduation in 2003, the University has conferred at least 1750 graduates in different programmes. Although the University enjoys a substantial number of graduates, it wishes to establish a strong Alumni Association which will benefit both the alumni, the university and the society. The university is calling upon all graduates to join the Association with the objective of strengthening connectivity and working together to make a difference.

The rationale for establishing Alumni association is provided under the HKMU Charter 2010. Under Article 46 (4) of the HKMU Charter, the Council may approve the establishment of an Alumni Association of the University or discipline based alumni associations whose affairs shall be guided by its/their constitution(s) which shall be subject to the approval of the Council including the amendments thereof.

The main Objective of establishing HKMU Alumni Association includes ;

  • To assist in promoting the image of the University
  • To engage and promote fundraising events to improve teaching and learning activities
  • To be an effective communication and information forum among member and the University;
  • To support the University in attaining its strategic goals and objectives
  • To connect the University through liaising with other alumni associations and convocations

Advantages of Establishing Alumni Association.

  • Enables Alumni to get updates from their University
  • Provides opportunities for professional growth and social interaction
  • Participation and recognition in different events organized by the University
  • Contribute in giving new ideas for improving the University
  • Provide guidance to existing students.


  • Ordinary members – All graduates and Academic Staff
  • Honorary members – approved by the Executive committee
  • Corporate members – approved by the Executive committee

Members will need to subscribe for membership.