Vision, Mission and Functions


To become a model private University in Tanzania and Africa in providing highest quality education, research and exemplary service to public with conducive learning and working environment.


To educate liberally and broadly, qualify men and women to advance frontiers of knowledge through research, and provide consultancy and advisory services to the public.

Functions of the University are:

  • To produce ethically-minded scientists and professionals of integrity, devotion and commitment
  • To provide an environment for learning, teaching and research in health sciences
  • To prepare students through professional courses in the fields of health and allied health sciences for degrees, diplomas, certificates and other awards
  • To contribute to the intellectual life of the Tanzanian Society
  • To be a catalyst in the health sector reforms through conducting relevant research and educating the public on health-related issues
  • To engage in commercial and other income-generating activities, in line with the national laws, the HKMU Charter and rules.