Word from the Vice Chancellor

Among other factors, the mission and core values attracted me to join Hubert Kariuki Memorial University (HKMU). The mission of liberally and broadly educating men and women to advance knowledge frontiers through research, consultancy and advisory services to the public, exposes a proactive education system that is geared towards developing individuals that will be best suited to serve their communities. Embedded in this mission , are the university core values which include:


The University calls for proficiency and respectability within the society and expects everyone involved with the institution to adhere to the highest ethical standards. These elements are imparted to stakeholders, students and staff.


The university is committed to excel in all its objectives including; programs provided, recruitment of students, staff and delivery of  its services. The university is in the process of building a modern campus at Boko in Kinondoni district, Dar es salaam region. The plan is to invest contemporary teaching and learning facilities which will  increase intake of students and broaden coverage of programmes.


Responding to the  rapid changes in technology, the university puts a lot of emphasis in modern teaching methodologies. Some of the courses are conducted through e-learning such as web-based programme for handing out, marking class assignments and performance analysis. The University has an e-library available to students for further references.


The university is committed to excel in quality training of health professionals, research and public services with conducive learning and working environment. HKMU thrives to impact distinguished values to its students. Social responsibility, accountability, professional and ethical standards, are highly expected from our alumni in serving National and international Communities. 


HKMU believes in partnership as a constituent for development of the Institution. As a growing family, we promote collaborations with stakeholders and other partners in many areas including research, joint teaching and colloquia. The University facilitates use of expertise and facilities from other recognized Universities, colleges and research institutions to optimize  learning experience of our students and staff.

MOTTO: HKMU for a brighter future

Professor Charles Stephen Mgone, MD MMed PhD FRCP.